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A Second Chance Can Make a Difference!


has been in the criminal justice system, serving time for something that he has always and still believes was unfair. Like most people in this predicament, he could have given up. He didn't. He stuck it out. His wife and kids have continued to support him through this time period. James came to us and wanted to work. There were more obstacles than just the background. He walks with a limp due to cerebral palsy, and so sometimes employers do not think that he is strong enough to do a blue collar job, especially with his small frame.

But, James has perseverance, and, given the chance, has outworked those around him. He didn't get the first job he interviewed for, and didn't get the second one after a try-out. But he finally got a job, and he's made good on it. James has worked over 4 years, and has never looked back. He stopped getting benefits immediately, and he is happy to say that he is a tax paying, contributor to society. Some weeks, James has worked as many as 60 hours. No matter. He accepts the work readily. He actively trains others on the job.

There are always issues with any job, but James wanted to be in the real world, caring for his wife and children, paying taxes, and restoring his name. We salute James, and he is an example to people that need a second chance. He got one, and he's making good on it.



An open letter to my angels:

I just wanted to tell all of you who helped my son and I get our handicapped accessible van a big THANK-YOU! We feel surrounded by love each time we step into the van. Freedom is something that many people take for granted, but freedom means so much to my son and I. He can play sports in another city, I can go visit my friends in other cities, we can go shopping at places that aren't on the bus lines, weather is no obstacle, and most of all WE make our schedule! I've had to learn to read directions, and we've gotten lost several times, but to us it's all an adventure! We are so grateful to so many people, but wanted to acknowledge a few:

Cassandra - for her patience in teaching me how to drive with a left gas pedal! Karen-for her belief in me, her encouraging words, and her gift in cooking! Paula-2 large donations that allowed Michael and I to reach our goal before school started! Mrs. Terry Smith, once again for her donation of the wheelchair lift!
On a side note, I did find my physical therapist, Jane Butler. We have talked several times on the phone and plan to get together soon! I continue to work part-time at Handley Baptist Christian School. Thank-you again so very much.