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To support our mission, "Creating Solutions for Persons with Employment Challenges," Creative Achievements publishes a quarterly newsletter. We are passionate, skilled, and serious about employment.


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Jan - 2019 ~ Taylor Spencer, and his life journey towards employment

Taylor Spencer and his parents have shared their story with us, and it will undoubtedly help many
others along the way. Around Taylor 's two-year old check-up, the Spencers were told that he had
autism. -->> read more

Aug - 2018 ~ TTW Graduates

Three clients are about to "graduate" from the TTW program. In general this is a 4-5 year journey! Some of
these clients will be highlighted in future editions of this newsletter and others prefer to remain private.
However, we can -->> read more


Rachel was referred to Creative Achievements about two years ago, from Texas Workforce Commission in order to begin the wupported employment process. Prior to the time, she participated in a summer autism program, which was the first major activity that she had out of her home since graduating high school. -->> read more

Oct - 2017 ~ "If you want to get something done, ask a busy person."

We've all heard the phrase, "So, if you want to get something done, ask a busy person." Our Creative Achievements' Employment Consultants have busy lives and wear many hats. They are dedicated mothers, active in their communities, have unique hobbies, and happen to provide top-rate employment services to clients with many needs. -->> read more

Aug - 2017 ~ SUCCESS: It's never too late to be what you might have been

Congratulations to these three fine individuals for working with us and helping to demonstrate that people with significant disabilities can return to work, with good benefits planning/ resolution, job development, supports and hard -->> read more

Jan - Feb - 2017 ~ SUCCESS: It's Not Always What You See

The time has come for a second Creative Achievements newsletter. We have such a diverse group of people that we serve in all of our different programs! Our clients have almost every variety and combination of cognitive, emotional and physical issues that make going to work a big challenge. That's true for all of our programs -->> read more

Oct - 2015 ~ Christie's Journey to Independence

I realized I had worked through several issues. Even though I had children early, I still had many goals. I looked on the SSwebsite, and chose Creative Achievements because you were close to where I lived. Other TTWproviders in the area seemed more restrictive about what they would do. First, I got a job at a local Wal-Mart. My employment consultant had told me that if I proved myself a certain amount -->> read more

Jan - 2015 ~ Optimize Your Interview

An invitation to a job interview is always a good sign that you�re seriously being considered as a prospect to fill an opening or perhaps a created position.    When you are contacted for an interview, always ask for the location, name of the interviewer and a phone number so you can write it down correctly. Double check the phone number with the contact person. Record this information along with the date and -->> read more 

Oct - 2014 ~ Pam Ryals - Our Model for Flexability and Grit

When people sit down with Pam and learn of what she has experienced in life, it seems unbelievable.. Years ago, her husband was shot and killed, and shortly after she too was shot, but survived. Pam lost her only daughter to drugs a few years ago. After a third knee replacement a few years ago, she was robbed by her home health care nurse, and contin-ues the fight to recover just a little of what was lost. --->> read more

Mar - 2014 ~ Sadie! You Go Girl!

Sadie is a special young lady. She is fun, responsible, energetic, and loves people. Creative Achievements worked with Lori, Sadie's DARS Transition Counselor, and the decision was made to enroll Sadie into a program called Walgreen's REDI. REDI is a retail training program designed to help people make the leap into a service clerk position with in-store training. Sadie had a great attitude and --->> read more

Jul - 2013 ~ Cotton Patch - A Wonderful Partnership

Most of us have experienced Cotton Patch Restaurants' "down-home" cooking! Well, Creative Achievements can't say enough good things about Cotton Patch, in addition to that famous chicken fried steak. About a year ago, we were approached by Melinda Mason, of Southlake High School, to continue working with a young lady, and DARS, our funder, to provide job coaching after school was out for the summer --->>  read more

Sep - 2012 ~ You Did it!!!  Debi got her van!!!

I just wanted to tell all of you who helped my son and I get our handicapped accessible van a big THANK-YOU! We feel surrounded by love each time we step into the van. Freedom is something that many people take for granted, but freedom means so much to my son and I. He can play sports in another city, I can go visit my friends in other cities, we can go shopping at places that aren't on the bus lines --->> read more